Mercredi, 21.06.2023 — 19:00
neimënster, 28 Rue Münster, Luxembourg-Grund
Conférence et discussion
Oded Galor: The Journey of Humanity
The Origins of Wealth and Inequality
moderation: Alexander Hagelüken (SZ)
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A wildly ambitious attempt to do for economics what Newton, Darwin or Einstein did for their fields: develop a theory that explains almost everything ... an inspiring, readable, jargon-free and almost impossibly erudite masterwork, the boldest possible attempt to write the economic history of humanity.

New Statesman

This breakthrough scientific masterwork - and international bestseller - reveals the underlying forces that have shaped human history and will secure our future...

The stunning advances that have transformed human experience in recent centuries are no accident of history - they are the result of universal and timeless forces, operating since the dawn of our species. Drawing on a lifetime's scientific investigation, Oded Galor's ground-breaking new vision overturns a host of long-held assumptions.

Organized by the Institute Pierre Werner in collaboration with the Fondation CANDIDA (under the auspices of the Fondation de Luxembourg)
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